23" Lotus Pot




Keep your aquatic plant soil with your aquatic plant instead of in your pond filter with a Botanica Lotus Container for lotus and large water lilies. The lotus pot measures 23" in diameter x 10" high without holes. Lotus and water lilies grow best when planted in a large container with plenty of sunlight and food. Planting pots will also keep Koi and other root eating fish away from the plants delicate roots.

    • Specially designed to contain the aggressive roots of Lotus plants in water gardens.
    • As the aquatic plants mature, split and/or re-pot the plants to keep them both growing and removing nutrients from the pond water.
    • Use a clay loam or specially designed aquatic planting soil for best results. Never use potting soil designed for terrestrial plants
    • Regularly fertilize Lotus plants for maximum growth and blooming

 Please note: Shipping costs are higher on this product due to it's size.  We don't profit from shipping costs.  Please contact us for a more accurate estimate.