60-Watt 12 Volt Transformer with Photocell




Provides the convenience of a built-in photocell that automatically turns the transformer on at dusk.  Programmable 4,6, or 8-hour intervals can be set to turn lights off saving electricity and prolonging bulb life.

All of Aquascape's transformers are designed to be used with LED and halogen fixtures.  Calculate the total wattage of the fixtures on the project and select the appropriate watt transformer.  It's always a good idea to leave additional wattage for expansion of the system or small voltage drops caused by long runs of wire.  Remember the transformer will only consume as much electricity as being used by the lighting so choosing a larger transformer for future needs will not increase energy costs.

Owner's Manual

Aquascape 60 Watt 12 Volt Transformer with Photocell



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