Aquascape LED Replacement Bullet Bulb



LED Repl

These replacement LED bulbs are compatible with  Aquascape's LED Bullet spotlight #98926 (shown above) and Landscape LED light kit #84000 (Shown below).  

The date code information below only pertains to the LED Bullet Spotlight #98926 and LED Waterfall Light #98487 and #98928.  If you have the Pond and Landscape LED Light Kit #84000, use the first list of replacement bulbs are the ones you need.

There are 2 different listings of bulbs based on your date code.  See drawing directly below to locate your date code.  Based on your date code, you can choose which bulb is your replacement.

Date Code for LED Lights


If your date code is prior to 01/2013 OR you have the Pond & Landscape Light Kit #84000, these 1 Watt LED replacement bulbs are your choice:

  • Natural White - 98452
  • Blue - 98371
  • Green - 98372
  • White - 98452
  • Red - 98370
  • Yellow - 98373


If your date code is 01/2013 or later, you will need these replacement bulbs:

  • 1-Watt LED Replacement bulb -White - HR - 84010
  • 1-Watt LED Replacement bulb -Yellow- HR - 84024
  • 1-Watt LED Replacement bulb -Red - HR - 84025
  • 1-Watt LED Replacement bulb -Green - HR - 84026
  • 1-Watt LED Replacement bulb -Blue - HR - 84027


These LED Replacement Bulbs work for the following LED lights as well:

Replacement LED Lighting for 84000

Please note:  This is the replacement bulb only.  Images may show more than the bulb, but they are merely references for showing product compatibility.


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