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Dandelions- More than just Weeds

Show of hands, how many of you have a yard full of dandelions this time of year? Well, if you don’t treat your yard chemically, you are probably blessed with hundreds of these weeds. But these perennials are more than just weeds; they’ve long been noted as a resourceful plant for eating because the […]

Controlling Algae Growth in a Pond

An established pond will most likely experience algae growth at some point. Moderate amounts of some forms of algae are actually healthy for the overall pond ecosystem, but maintaining control over that amount is important. Excessive algae can rob your pond of oxygen, causing fish illness or worse, fish death.

Algae are simple structured […]

Herbs and Spices

Considering growing herbs or spices in your garden? Researchers have found strong correlations between a wide range of health benefits and many herbs and spices. While research is still quite preliminary, many of these herbs and spices have been treating modern ailments for thousands of years.

For your own safety, it’s always best to research […]

My Pond Mistake

Well, I made a mistake last fall. You know, the kind of mistake that is the result of saying, “Ehh, I’ll worry about it later.” My procrastination, or should I say mistake, caused me a lot more work this spring because this pond is located directly under a huge oak tree. To say I […]

Growing Your Own Vegetable Sprouts

I remember as a child seeing my step-mother grow alfalfa sprouts in the kitchen in a mason jar. She would put on them on her sandwiches and salads. As a child, I never knew how much I would grow to appreciate these fresh tasting sprouts as much as I do today. Now, I want […]

Four Ways to Utilize Your Extra Garden Seeds

Image compliments of Razief Adlie

Many of us may choose to be resourceful enough to sow our own seeds to save money or maybe because we like the plant varieties only offered as seed. If you’ve ever purchased a packet of seeds, you’ve probably noticed that you are usually given way more seeds […]

When Life Gives You Lemons

Well, we’ve all heard the phrase, “When life gives you lemons”, but lemons are good for more than just making lemonade. And while I’ve actually never taken the time to make lemonade the old-fashioned way, I sure do love a good lemon shakeup at the Annual County Fair. Here are a few suggestions […]

Attracting Hummingbirds

These tiny creatures, most of them weighing in around 3 grams, bring huge joy to many of us in the summer. If you’re like me, then you want to continue to attract these creatures. To accomplish this, you should not only provide them an ample food source but also you should consider their shelter […]

Understanding the Fertilizer Numbers (N-P-K)

If you’ve ever bought fertilizer of any kind, you’ve probably seen the 3 large numbers, such as 24-4-8 or 10-5-8, prominently displayed on the package. Always displayed in the same order, these numbers represent the percentage in weight of nitrogen, phosphorus (P2O5), and potassium (K2O), or collectively seen as (N-P-K). So, a 15-12-5 fertilizer has […]

How Vegetables in the Garden are Pollinated

Interested in saving seeds from your vegetable garden to share with others or use next year? It’s important to understand why some seeds are more worthy of saving than others. It’s as easy as understanding how your garden vegetables pollinate. In order to produce those veggies, pollination must occur. Vegetables are naturally […]