Since I do generally try to follow the rule of thumb of planting my annuals around Mother’s Day weekend to avoid the chance of frost (give or take a week), I decided to do some shopping. The above picture is the one of the beautiful plants I brought home, a Caladium. If you’ve […]

Planning for a Successful Pond

Are you considering the addition of a pond at your home? The key to a successful and healthy pond involves thorough planning. Take the time to read many articles and talk pond owners to get a better understanding of all that is involved.

Use this article to become acclimated with some of the basic […]

My Hostas and Slugs

My hostas are up and looking beautiful so far. I only say “so far” because last year I had what appeared to be a slug infestation. The first and only visible sign I noticed were holes in the leaves of my prized possessions. I never saw any actual slugs but that is largely in part […]

Building a Raised Garden Bed

Are you considering building your own raised garden bed? Consider some of the advantages to raised bed gardening:

No soil compaction due to the fact that walking between the aisles is eliminated, as done in a traditional garden. Consequently, the overall plant’s root health and water drainage and oxygen flow will increase. […]