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December Garden Calendar

Winter time in zone 5 might not be the most desirable time to be outside. But, not all is lost. There are still activities we can do outside and inside that can help prepare us for the spring. In an article from Purdue University’s Department of Horticulture (Publication HO-90-W), a monthly calendar summarizes activities […]


Bromeliads work great in a terrarium environment

A terrarium is essentially a garden in an enclosed glass container that provides adequate humidity preferred by tender tropical plants. It can also be used to start new plants or freshly cut un-rooted plants. While many of you have probably seen a prepackaged terrarium kit that […]

2008 Video- Aquascape & Richard Petty Build a Water Garden

Houseplant Problems

Root Rot: Several contributing factors include:

Overwatering Heavy soils (too much clay) Containers that lack adequate drainage holes.


Always water thoroughly until water comes out the drainage holes. Do not water again until just below the surface of the soil is barely moist. Use a quality potting soil which will adequately allow for […]

Forcing Branches for Winter Color


As dreary as it can look outside for most of us in the wintertime, bringing a little early outside life indoors can surely brighten our spirits. As most early spring flowering trees and shrubs form their buds in the fall before going dormant, it’s possible to force them into early blooming for […]

Wanvisa named Collector’s Aquatic Plant of the Year 2011

Wanvisa Dr. N. Nopchai Chansilpa photo

The International Waterlily & Water Gardening Society (IWGS) recently announced the winner of their Collector’s Aquatic Plants of the Year (CAPY) for 2011: Nymphaea ‘Wanvisa’

This hardy water lily boasts salmon pink to peach colored flowers with flecks of cream to pale yellow accents. While the leaves […]

Pond Pump Selection

Proper Pump Selection

Your pond pump is one of the most important elements of your pond. Not only does it provide oxygen to your fish, it circulates water throughout the system, aiding in filtration. The aesthetically pleasing sound of running water is a great aspect as well. With all the responsibilities of a […]

Aquascape’s New Waterfall Spillway

New from Aquascape Inc., it’s the Waterfall Spillway. This compact, yet strong waterfall spillway provides a smooth flow of water for systems that either have existing biological filtration (new or established ponds) or systems that don’t need it because of the absence of fish (pondless waterfall systems). Check out the video below.


Create Your Own Backyard Bird Sanctuary

Image Complements of ren_041 at stock.schng

Transforming your backyard into a bird haven is a dream of many. That dream can easily be made a reality by learning the requirements of your feathered friends. Birds, like humans, have basic needs, which include: a good source for food, water and shelter. These needs become […]