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The Components of Our Fish Pond

When we look at our ponds, most of us might simply see a body of water with fish swimming in it. But what’s comprised in that water is much more than just that. Many entities factor into what makes our water a dynamic medium for our beloved fish to live their lives. Each […]

Autumn Feeding of Your Koi


In many parts of the country, the transition into autumn brings cooler temperatures. As pond water temperatures decrease, so does your koi’s nutritional needs. Changing your koi’s food to a Spring & Autumn blend helps prepare them for the upcoming winter and helps to assure a great start for them next spring.

These […]

Aquascape New Pond De-Icer

Aeromonas Alley, What Is It?

Fish living in cold-climate ponds have the added stress of dealing with a long winter of fasting, thus naturally weakening their immune systems. This, in turn, makes them more vulnerable to illnesses. It’s during those pond temperature ranges between 42°F – 62°F that are known as “Aeromonas Alley.” To understand it better, let’s look at […]

Aquascape’s How to Prepare your Pond for Fall & Winter

Aquascape New Products for 2012