Vortex Impellers

If you been in the market for a new pond pump, it’s possible that you’ve noticed some pumps having a vortex impeller. While commonly used in the sewage industry because of their ability to pump solids, vortex impellers work well in the ponding industry for the same reason.

TidalWave2 from Atlantic Water Gardens

Vortex […]

What are Hybrid Pumps?

What are Hybrid Pumps?

The term hybrid is becoming commonplace in many industries and there is no exception in the ponding world either. A hybrid pump utilizes the power associated with a direct-drive pump combined with the electrical efficiency of a magnetic induction pump (mag drive pump). Understanding these 2 separate pumps that combine […]

Aquascape’s Pond Air Aeration System

Aquascape’s AquaForce® Pump