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Water Quality Parameters for Your Pond


Your pond’s water quality to your fish is as important as our air quality is to us. With that said, do you test your pond water? And if you do regular testing, do you even understand what those tests mean? This article gives you a look into each of the common testing parameters available […]

New Plant Hardiness Zone Map Reveals Warming Trend


The USDA released their new version of the Plant Hardness Zone Map in January 2012. The new map is generally one 5- degree Fahrenheit half-zone warmer than the previous released map back in 1990. This mostly is a result of using temperature data from a longer and more recent time period. More […]

Aquascape Foundation Installs RainXchange® in Uganda

Koi/ Goldfish Spawning

I remember in my early years of ponding my first encounter with spawning. One early summer morning, I noticed something different happening in my pond. My first visual clue was a pond full of white foam as well as, a strong fishy smell. My first thought and concern was that there had been predators […]

Aquascape’s Poly-Resin Decorative Water Fountains

New for 2012! Lightweight, affordable and eye-catching!

Aquascape poly-resin decorative water features combine beauty, detail and intricate design of more expensive traditional decorative pieces. Decorative water features are often made from more expensive materials like brass, steel or copper. Poly-resin is a sturdy material that can be intricately molded, allowing for an […]

Maintaining Your Pond During the Winter

If you live in a colder winter climate and have chosen to allow your pond to run throughout the winter, then you are probably already aware that this will require maintenance in bitter temperatures. Whether or not you decide to allow your pond to run all winter long, below are some items to consider.


Aquascape’s Aquasurge® Pump