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New on Our Website: Pond Reference Calculators

Check our ever-growing reference area, with our new Pond Reference Calculators, including: Head Pressure Calculator and Electrical Cost Calculator.

The Head Pressure Calculator will prompt you for vital questions that will help assure you make a sound decision when it comes to knowing your current pond system’s head pressure.

The Electrical Cost Calculator […]

Troubleshooting & Maintenance on Aquascape Mag Drives

Aquascape DecoBasin

Rain Gardens

While forests and agricultural land are replaced with urban areas, it’s easy to see why increased storm runoff from these impermeable surfaces becomes a problem. Storm water runoff picks up pollutants from streets, sidewalks and lawns. It’s then rushed off to storm drains and to our local waterways and lakes. The end result is […]

How’s Your Pond’s Water Clarity?

Are you experiencing brown, murky water or unwanted pond weeds, such as algae? Don’t despair; these are common occurrences with most ponds at some point. Controlling the source of these water problems can help to keep your pond water at its optimum. Some common sources:

Leaves or other Debris

If leaves and other debris […]

Aquascape’s IonGen Performance Tips

How to Install a Mini Fountain Kit

Water Gardening 101

Water Features Can Fit Anywhere!

Whether you have a big or small yard, a water feature of any size is easily achievable. There are so many options available that the only limitation is your imagination! So, it’s alright to think outside the pond!

Aquatic Patio Ponds

Aquascape’s Patio Ponds (right) have the look and durability of real stone with […]

Aquascape Aquatic Patio Pond