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Florida Weave Trellis

After a last season’s mishap with my tomato cages, I decided to try a new technique for staking my tomatoes in my raised bed garden.  While on vacation last year, a wind storm blew over the cages, along with the tomato plants.  This, in turn, knocked over the netting structure that was used to […]

Colocasia Varieties

Understanding Plumbing Fittings


Whether you’re replacing a pump or adding additional plumbing, understanding plumbing fittings can be very confusing to most people. The single biggest reason for confusion is probably due to its sizing. PVC pipe is size and named based on its inside diameter (ID) of the pipe. And this ID is nominal, meaning “in name […]

Preparing Your Pond for Spring


Spring is officially here! With an unusually warmer than normal winter this year, most ponders have already started getting their pond ready. Are you one them? Need some ideas to assure your pond will be ready? Read on….

Clean Up

This is the time to remove any debris that has accumulated […]

Aquascape’s Newly Designed AquaSurge® Pump

Water Quality Parameters for Your Pond


Your pond’s water quality to your fish is as important as our air quality is to us. With that said, do you test your pond water? And if you do regular testing, do you even understand what those tests mean? This article gives you a look into each of the common testing parameters available […]

New Plant Hardiness Zone Map Reveals Warming Trend


The USDA released their new version of the Plant Hardness Zone Map in January 2012. The new map is generally one 5- degree Fahrenheit half-zone warmer than the previous released map back in 1990. This mostly is a result of using temperature data from a longer and more recent time period. More […]

Aquascape Foundation Installs RainXchange® in Uganda

Aquascape’s Aquasurge® Pump

Aquascape’s AquaForce® Pump