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Fall and Winter Pond Care

Pond water quality is usually at its best in the fall because of fewer water battles with algae. Fall is also the one time of year where your pond may need daily maintenance.

Falling Leaves

Prepare the pond for the autumnal leaf fall by purchasing a fine-meshed pond net. Remove leaves before they have […]

Calcium Montmorillonite Clay

Calcium Montmorillonite Clay

What is Calcium Montmorillonite Clay or Calcium Bentonite Clay?

Calcium Montmorillonite Clay or Calcium Bentonite Clay is rich in minerals and trace elements (contains over 60 trace minerals) that are needed to help the overall vitality of our fish. It is believed by many to be the secret to the […]

Nymphaea ‘Scarlet Flame’ Named 2012 Collector’s Aquatic Plant of the Year

The International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society (IWGS) recently announced the 2012 Collector’s Aquatic Plant of the Year: Nymphaea ‘Scarlet Flame’. Shown above, this beautiful day-blooming tropical water lily was introduced by Florida Aquatic Nurseries and won 1st place in the IWGS 2011 New Waterlily Competition.

“‘Scarlet Flame’ is truly unique in its appearance […]

The Components of Our Fish Pond

When we look at our ponds, most of us might simply see a body of water with fish swimming in it. But what’s comprised in that water is much more than just that. Many entities factor into what makes our water a dynamic medium for our beloved fish to live their lives. Each […]

Aquatic Weeds & Their Treatments

Being a pond owner will most likely mean that you will experience some sort of aquatic plants along the way; whether they are wanted or not is a different story! And how you treat your unwanted aquatic plants is dependent on a proper identification of the plant.

Aquatic plants can be classified into two groups: […]

Pond Weed Identification

Images compliments of Purdue University Botany & Plant Pathology

Images Compliments of Purdue University Botany & Plant Pathology

Images Compliments of Purdue University Botany & Plant Pathology

Images Compliments of Purdue University Botany & Plant Pathology

Images Compliments of Purdue University Botany & Plant Pathology


Aquatic Pond Plants

A well balanced pond would not be complete without aquatic pond plants. They are a vital component to the entire ecosystem of a pond. Not only do they offer huge aesthetic value, but their importance is much greater than that.

Pond plants release oxygen, which can be used by the fish. They also utilize […]

What’s Consuming Oxygen in Your Pond?

After reading a great article titled “Oxygen in Ponds” by Ben Helm of www.watergardenersbible.co.uk, I wanted to share some of the highlights which will encompass several posts.

The ecosystem that is home to our prized koi and other fish has some requirements to keep it balanced. One such requirement is the Dissolved Oxygen Concentration […]

How’s Your Pond’s Water Clarity?

Are you experiencing brown, murky water or unwanted pond weeds, such as algae? Don’t despair; these are common occurrences with most ponds at some point. Controlling the source of these water problems can help to keep your pond water at its optimum. Some common sources:

Leaves or other Debris

If leaves and other debris […]

Water Features Can Fit Anywhere!

Whether you have a big or small yard, a water feature of any size is easily achievable. There are so many options available that the only limitation is your imagination! So, it’s alright to think outside the pond!

Aquatic Patio Ponds

Aquascape’s Patio Ponds (right) have the look and durability of real stone with […]