Fall and Winter Pond Care

Pond water quality is usually at its best in the fall because of fewer water battles with algae. Fall is also the one time of year where your pond may need daily maintenance.

Falling Leaves

Prepare the pond for the autumnal leaf fall by purchasing a fine-meshed pond net. Remove leaves before they have […]

Protecting Your Water Garden From Pond Predators

If you are a pond owner, you know the ever present danger of predators to your koi or other beloved fish. The main offenders, usually being heron and other predator birds and raccoons, love your fish in a completely different way than you do! Their constant fishing expeditions can destroy your pond’s population in no […]

Preparing Your Pond for Fall and Winter

It’s officially fall. And for many of us, it’s time to prepare our ponds for the approaching winter season. Aquascape has a great informational pamphlet surrounding this very subject: Fall and Winter Pond Care, which is summarized below. You can read Aquascape’s entire article here.

Falling Leaves

There’s no avoiding the falling leaves but […]