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New on Our Website: Pond Reference Calculators

Check our ever-growing reference area, with our new Pond Reference Calculators, including: Head Pressure Calculator and Electrical Cost Calculator.

The Head Pressure Calculator will prompt you for vital questions that will help assure you make a sound decision when it comes to knowing your current pond system’s head pressure.

The Electrical Cost Calculator […]

Troubleshooting & Maintenance on Aquascape Mag Drives

Aquascape DecoBasin

How to Create a Patio Pond by Aquascape

Water Gardening 101

Aquascape Aquatic Patio Pond

February Garden Calendar

The Department of Horticulture at Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service has tons of a great publications. The particular one that I want to share a portion of with you today is Winter Garden Calendar (HO-90-W). This article outlines some monthly winter activities that will help make our indoor and outdoor plants and lawns to […]

2008 Video- Aquascape & Richard Petty Build a Water Garden

Forcing Branches for Winter Color


As dreary as it can look outside for most of us in the wintertime, bringing a little early outside life indoors can surely brighten our spirits. As most early spring flowering trees and shrubs form their buds in the fall before going dormant, it’s possible to force them into early blooming for […]

Aquascape’s New Waterfall Spillway

New from Aquascape Inc., it’s the Waterfall Spillway. This compact, yet strong waterfall spillway provides a smooth flow of water for systems that either have existing biological filtration (new or established ponds) or systems that don’t need it because of the absence of fish (pondless waterfall systems). Check out the video below.