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Helping Frogs Survive the Winter

In the winter, frogs might seek refuge in your pond. Being ectothermic or cold-blooded, frogs regulate their body temperature by exchanging heat with their surroundings. These surroundings can be mud in a deep plant pocket or a potted plant located in a deep area of the pond, preferably below the frost line. The soil […]

Got Frogs? Toads?

Got Frogs? How about toads? These amphibians are considered by many specialists to be excellent indicators of the overall environmental stability of their local ecosystem. These sensitive creatures are usually the first casualties in an endangered ecosystem.

Their existence is important in both their predator and prey roles. When traveling to Panama a few […]

Create Your Own Backyard Bird Sanctuary

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Transforming your backyard into a bird haven is a dream of many. That dream can easily be made a reality by learning the requirements of your feathered friends. Birds, like humans, have basic needs, which include: a good source for food, water and shelter. These needs become […]

Wildlife Nest Boxes

If you are interested in attracting certain wildlife species to your property, the addition of nesting boxes can encourage certain species to take up residence to fulfill several of their basic needs-nesting and shelter. Whether you plan to construct your own nest boxes or buy them, there are several important factors will help assure […]

My Pond Mistake

Well, I made a mistake last fall. You know, the kind of mistake that is the result of saying, “Ehh, I’ll worry about it later.” My procrastination, or should I say mistake, caused me a lot more work this spring because this pond is located directly under a huge oak tree. To say I […]

Attracting Hummingbirds

These tiny creatures, most of them weighing in around 3 grams, bring huge joy to many of us in the summer. If you’re like me, then you want to continue to attract these creatures. To accomplish this, you should not only provide them an ample food source but also you should consider their shelter […]

Attracting Butterflies

Attracting butterflies to your yard can be a very rewarding experience. I enjoy seeing their presence in my yard every year. I actually snapped the above picture in one of my gardens. Understanding a butterfly’s transformational stages will help you to successfully attract these beautiful creatures. In order to create an environment […]