Check Valve




A Check valve assembly is needed to connect your pump to the pond plumbing.  Aquascape's dual union check valves have a removable connection underneath the check valve which allows you to disconnect the pump and plumbing without draining the water in your BioFalls® Filter (not included in #29500 Plumbing Assembly).  See descriptions and chart below to figure out which check valve assembly fits your project.

Shown below is the Signature Series™ Check Valve #29501

 Signature Series Check Valve


Check Valve Assembly 3" - #29098

Check Valve Assembly 2" Pondless® Waterfall - #29099

Check Valve Assembly 2" AquaSurge PRO™ - #29108

Plumbing Assembly Signature Series™ MicroSkim®- #29500

Plumbing Assembly Signature Series™ Skimmer or MicroPondless™- #29501

Check Valve Assembly Grande - #29503

Check Valve Assembly Classic Skimmer - #29502

Check Valve Assembly Grande 2" - 29503

Check Valve 2" AquaSurge™ 7000 Adapter - #30124


Check Valve Chart