Economy Linear Aeration System

  • Diaphragm linear aeration kits include weather resistant compressors allowing use outdoors
  • Powered by quiet, continuous duty compressors, these small aerators do a great job of aerating all year long
  • Can be used in ponds up to 6' deep!
  • Kit includes compressor, 15' Quick Sink tubing and air diffuser
  • Two year warranty on compressor, 5 year warranty on tubing and diffuser

Easy Pro Pond Economy Linear Aeration Specs

LA5N shown above and LA20N shown below

Easy Pro Pond Products LA20N


Owner's Manual

EasyPro Pond Economy Lineear Aeration System Owner's Manual 


Loss of air output but unit is running:

• Check to make sure the air filter has not been blocked or clogged by dust.

• Check to make sure lines are not kinked or plugged. If used in winter time, line may have ice in the line. A small amount of rubbing alcohol can be run down the air line to thaw the ice.

• Inspect the diffusers to ensure they are clean. Replace or clean as necessary. See chart below for replacement diffusers.

• Inspect diaphragms/pistons. Replace as necessary

Easy Pro
Pond Size :
  • 17,500 gallon
  • 3,000 gallon
  • 40,000 gallon
  • 8,000 gallon