FilterFalls Retail Model BF1250

Atlantic FilterFalls™ Models Feature:

  • Rugged high-density polyethylene shell warranted for life
  • Open swirl chamber for enhanced water flow through filter media
  • Upflow design, Bio-Tech filter pads, and media bags (media not included) provide exceptional biological filtration
  • Extra-wide spillways for a dramatic watefall and superior aeration
  • Designed to be easily camouflaged with natural materials and plants
  • Each unit includes FIPT bulkhead fitting, media bag, filter pad, removable bottom grate and liner attachment flange


FilterFalls Specs

FilterFalls available:

  • BF1000 - Shown above
  • BF1250 - Shown below, left
  • BF1500 - Shown below, middle
  • BF1600 - Shown below, bottom row
  • BF2000 - Shown below, far right

FilterFalls BF2350, BF1500, BF2000

BF1600 Oasis

Replacement Parts

Replacement Grates Available

Replacement Bio-Tech Mats Available

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