GreenClean® Tablets


Effortlessly Maintain a Beautiful, Algae-Free Pond

With the same tried-and-true formula as GreenClean Granular Algaecide, GreenClean Tablets are vital to any maintenance program.  

GreenClean Tablets are an alternative to copper based algaecides that can harm fish and the environment.  

GreenClean Tablets are the simplest way to achieve a clean and clear water feature.  With just a few tablet scoops, your ornamental pond or fountain can look its best.

Available in 2 sizes:

  • 3 lb - Treats up to 6,800 gallons
  • 8 lb - Treats up to 18,300 gallons

Easy-To-Use Directions for Your Pond Maintenance Program:

GreenClean Tablets are a maintenance product.  For extreme pond clean outs, first use GreenClean Granular or GreenCleanFX Liquid Algaecide.  Wait one week to apply GreenClean Tablets.

Apply GreenClean Tablets according to recommended rates.  When applying GreenClean Tablets, distribute evenly throughout the pond.  Tablets work best when applied Bi-weekly.

GreenClean Tablets Application Rates

Questions and Answers

Q: Where can I use GreenClean Tablets?

A:  GreenClean Tablets can be used in ornamental ponds, water gardens, fountains or any water feature where algae control is required.

Q: When should I use GreenClean Tablets?

A: GreenClean Tablets can be used in any season as a regular part of your algae control program.  Apply early in the spring to prevent algae growth before it starts.  Apply throughout the summer and fall as part of a preventative algae program to keep ponds clean and healthy.

Q: How do GreenClean Tablets destroy algae?

A: GreenClean Tablets work through a powerful oxidation reaction that breaks down algae and organic debris.

Q:  How often can I apply GreenClean Tablets?

A: GreenClean Tablets work best when applied on a weekly basis as a part of a preventative algae control program.  Always follow label instructions or contact BioSafe Systems for additional algae control information and application tips.

Q: Are GreenClean Tablets safe for use in water features containing aquatic life?  

A: GreenClean Tablets are an environmentally-responsible algae control tool that will not harm fish, plants or pets.

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