Kasco JF Series Decorative Fountains

JF Series

Kasco J-Series Aerating Fountains are:

  • The least expensive to purchase, maintain and operate - providing the best value on the dollar!
  • Versatile - get multiple, interchangeable spray patterns for the price of one!  3/4 hp = 5 patterns; 2 hp and 3 hp = 6 patterns, 5 hp = 7 patterns
  • Complete with everything you need - nozzles to create multiple decorative spray patterns, control panel with Ground Fault Interrupter and photo-eye for optional light kit, power cord (available in 50' increments from 50' to 400' cords), and mooring lines.
  • Industrial Strength - designed with heavy-duty stainless steel components for continuous operation, extended motor life and corrosion preventions (even in salt water).
  • Energy efficient - 1750 rpm motors mean lower power consumption and longer life for seals and bearings.  Compare Kasco's amp draws to cpmetitive units and see what you save on your monthly power bill.
  • Highly dependable- units are desgined to operate continuously with minimal maintenance, even in shallow water.  They are the least likely fountains to clog of any manufacturer because of Kasco's deflector technology, prop guard and standard bottom intake screen. Includes a 2 year warranty.
  • Easy to use and install - Spray nozzles are easily switched within 30 seconds.
  • When figuring power cord length, measure the depth of the pond along with the distance from the power source to the installation point.
  • Optional halogen light kits are available
  • Optional LED light kits are available too. These are suitable for 1/2 hp, 3/4 hp, 1 hp and some 2 hp.

Kasco JF Series Decorative Fountains

Kasco JF Series Details

Calculating your Surface Acreage of Your Pond is necessary.

Available patterns are shown below.  Cypress is shown above.

Kasco Jf Series Fountain Nozzles

Below are the patterns included with the particular fountain.  Other premium JF Series compatible nozzles are available too.

Kasco Pattern Nozzles


Aeration Specs

Pond's Size:
  • .25 Surface Acres
  • .5 Surface Acres
  • .75 Surface Acres
  • 1 Surface Acre
  • 1.25 Surface Acres
  • 1.5 Surface Acres
  • 2.5 Surface Acres
  • 3 Surface Acres
  • 4 Surface Acres
Average Pond Depth:
  • Less than 5 feet
  • 5 feet - 8 feet
  • 8.1 feet - 10 feet
  • More than 10 feet