Microbe-Lift® Ich-Out


Rapid Relief of Ich and Parasitic Diseases

MICROBE-LIFT/Ich-Out is the safest and most effective treatment for "ich" and many other protozoan-caused diseases in pond fish (e.g. the diseases caused by Ichthyophthirius, Cryptocaryon, Costia,  Chilodonella, Oodinium and Amyloodinium). MICROBE-LIFT/Ich-Out is also an effective treatment of fungal infections in pond fish.

  • Combines some of the most preferred anti-parasitic ingredients as well as a topical treatment for an effective treatment of Ich and Chilodonella
  • Safely helps to reduce the chances of secondary infections
  • Will not burn
  • Use with all pond, ornamental and aquarium fish and aquatic life
  • Not recommended for use with invertebrates

16 Ounces Can Treat Up To 1,400 Gallons


When used as directed, MICROBE-LIFT/ Ich-Out will not harm biological filtration. As with all treatments, the prompt use of MICROBE-LIFT/Ich-Out will help insure a complete recovery of the diseased fish.

MICROBE-LIFT/Ich-Out is a powerful treatment and may not be tolerated by fish that are heavily traumatized by their disease.

Observation of the diseased fish before and during treatment is required so that appropriate water changes and retreatments may be done as necessary.

Purpose: To treat the protozoan diseases of pond fish commonly called "ich." In freshwater, the disease is caused by Ichthyophithirius multifiliis, and in saltwater the disease is caused by Cryptocaryon irritants. The sign of both diseases is the presence of small white cysts that appear as raised spots that resemble salt crystals on the body and fins of the diseased fish.

Directions: Dose at the rate of one teaspoon (5 mL.) for each 20 gallons (76 L.) of water, or one fluid ounce per 120 gallons (454 L.). Prior to the initial use of Microbe-Lift/Ich-Out a partial water change of 25% or more should be made; this water change should be coordinated with the period when the diseased fish are showing the least number of cysts (spots). Carbon filtration must be removed during treatment. (CAUTION: Do not stop other filtration.) Retreatments may be repeated, following the recommended water change, at least every 24 hours. As with the initial dosage of Microbe-Lift/Ich-Out the best results can be expected if the water change and dosage are performed when the diseased fish are showing the fewest cysts (spots). Treatment in a separate quarantine (Q/T) tank is strongly recommended.

Cautions and Contraindications: Do not use with any other medications or treatments. Observe fishes closely during the course of the treatment and perform massive water changes as needed, if signs of severe stress (e.g. rapid respiration, "piping" at the surface) are noted.

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