MicroPondless™ Waterfall Kit


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Discontinued for 2015 Year.  It has been replaced with Aquascape's Waterfall Kit

A Pondless™ Waterfall is simply a waterfall without a pond.

The perfect solution for small spaces or family homes with small children.  This is also the ideal water feature for the front of the home since it can be tucked into any corner.  Children will spend hours playing in and around this system.

This kit contains all the necessary components to create a Pondless® Waterfall.

  • MicroFalls® Filter - This is the starting point of your waterfall
  • MicroCentipede™ Vault - Provides access to your pump and allows you to check the water level in the system
  • AquaSurge™ 2000 waterfall pump and plumbing assembly
  • 25 feet of 1-1/2" quality kink-free hose
  • 10' x 12' Pond Liner made from quality EPDM 45 mil fish safe rubber - 20 year guarantee!
  • Geotextile Underlayment - Protects liner from sharp objects
  • Complete installation instructions and owner's manual

MicroPondless Waterfall

How the Pondless® Waterfall Works:

The water held within the open spaces of the gravel flows down toward the MicroPondless™ Filter which is made up of the Centipede® Module and the Snorkel® Vault.  From there, it gets pumped up to the BioFalls® Filter (waterfall unit), where it flows by gravity back down through the gravel bed and MicroPondless™ filter and the cycle begins again.