Oase Bitron UV Clarifier


The UVC technology in Bitron C clarifiers ensures consistently clear and healthy water by flocculating (clumping) microscopic green algae that are responsible for green and unsightly pond water  The flocculated algae can then be filtered from the pond water by mechanical means - such as the BioTec filter.  This controls the overall occurence of suspended algae in the pond and reduces theh effects of harmful substances from the decomposition of algae.

  • Bypass technology for pump-dependent adjustments of the correct flow rate past the UV.
  • Automatic and continuous lamp cleaning ensures the full-strength capacity of the UVC lamp.
  • Integrated magnets reduce the occurrence of lime deposits in the pump and filtration system.
  • Quick-lock technology for easy lamp replacement without the need for tools into the lid.
  • Adapters for 1" - 1-1/2" non-kink spiral tubing and schedule 40 tubing are included
  • 2 year warranty (excluding bulbs)

Oase Bitron UV Clarifier Specs

 Update February 2015: Model 36C has been discontinued.

Replacement UV Bulbs can be ordered here.