Pond Plant Care

Aquatic Plants

A well balanced pond would not be complete without aquatic pond plants.  They are a vital component to the entire ecosystem of a pond.  Not only do they offer huge aesthetic value,but their importance is much greater than that.

Pond plants release oxygen,which can be used by the fish.  They also utilize the fish waste by using it as a fertilizer for their own needs which also helps to compete with algae.  Many plants offer shade to help regulate water temperature,as well as,protection from the natural predators of fish.  Many other plants offer filtration by removing excess nutrients from the water.  It’s easy to see how pond plants are a necessity to achieving a complete and healthy ecosystem for your pond.

There are four main categories of aquatic pond plants.  Each offering several great benefits for your pond so getting a variety of plants from different categories can only increase your chances for that well balanced pond.

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