Pond-Zyme® with Barley


Breaks Down Fish waste and Dead Algae

  • Cleans and clarifies pond water
  • Starts working in minutes
  • Eliminates organic sludge and debris
  • Helps maintain a natural healthy balance in pond

8 Ounces Treats Up to 8,000 Gallons!

Available in 2 sizes:

8 oz. - PC146

1 lb. - PC146B


PondCare's Technical Reference Sheet States:

Purpose And Benefits:

Pond-Zyme Plus is a heavy-duty pond cleaner, containing five specially selected bacterial strains in a stable dry form. Pond-Zyme Plus breaks down fish waste and dead algae that can cause cloudy water, sludge build-up, and debris that clogs pumps and filters.

Organic matter accumulates in all garden ponds producing a build-up of sludge and causing cloudy water. The five strains of bacteria in Pond-Zyme Plus digest sludge into harmless minerals and water, visibly improving water clarity and quality. Pond-Zyme Plus helps pond filters stay cleaner longer, reduces pond maintenance and keeps pond water clean and clear.


Pond-Zyme Plus can be used in all ornamental koi ponds and water gardens. Pond-Zyme Plus is formulated to work in both cold and warm water. 
Accidental freezing of this product will not reduce its performance in the pond. In cold water (below 40ºF) the activity of Pond-Zyme Plus, as with all bacterial products, will be reduced. 

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