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This product has been discontinued but replacement parts shown in the links below are still available.

Aquascape PondSweep® pond skimmers are large enough to tackle ponds up to 1200 sq. ft. of surface area making it a great choice for larger ponds.  PondSweep's® patented skimmer bellows creates suction on the surface of the pond keeping the pond surface clear from debris.  PondSweep® includes an easy-to-clean filter mat reducing filter maintenance.

Available in 2 sizes:

PondSweep® SK700PRO Skimmer - #00250

PondSweep® SK900PRO Skimmer - #00900


Replacement Parts:

PondSweep® SK700 Replacement Pro Debris Net

PondSweep® SK700 Filter Mat

PondSweep® SK900-1200 Filter Mat

PondSweep® SK900-1200 Pro Debris Net

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