Big Bahama Pro-Series FilterFalls™ From Atlantic™ Water Gardens




Add the Beauty and Sound Of A Waterfall While Filtering The Pond!

  1. Heavy-duty removable top grate
  2. Support bars add stability and reinforcement
  3. Media bag for Bio-Tech media for the development of beneficial bacteria
  4. Bio-Tech filter mats for exceptional filtration
  5. Sturdy bottom grate
  6. Rolled upper rim provides clean lines and incredible strength (models 1900, 2600, 3800)
  7. 2" or 3" heavy-duty bulkhead for high flow
  8. Bottom chamber will accept bulkheads on all sides
  9. One-piece liner flange allows easy attachment of liner
  10. Solid lip & inserts ensure watertight liner attachment


Pro-Series FilterFalls


FilterFalls Specifications


Please Note: Models BF3800 and BF4800 must be shipped freight and can be ordered here.

Replacement Parts

Replacement Grates Available

Replacement Bio-Tech Mats Available


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