Replacement Impeller Kit for AquaScape Tsurumi Pumps


Replacement impeller kits are available for the following Aquascape Tsurumi pumps:

  • Tsurumi 2PU Pump
  • Tsurumi 3PN Pump
  • Tsurumi 4PN Pump
  • Tsurumi 3PL Pump #29975
  • Tsurumi 5PL Pump #29976
  • Tsurumi 9PL Pump #29977
  • Tsurumi 8PN Pump #29495
  • Tsurumi 12PN Pump #30391

Check the model number of your pump to verify your model number before ordering.

Please note:  This is the replacement impeller kit only.  Images may show more than that, but they are merely references for showing product compatibility.