Tsurumi Series Pump



Tsurmi Series

Reliability! Tsurumi's time-tested, field proven motor driven pumps are designed to last.

Tsrumi PL Series Pump (Shown above, left)

  • Reliability!  Built on Tsurumi's time-tested, field proven PN series sealed motor platform
  • Hydraulically engineered for the lower total dynamic head ranges typically found on water feature applications
  • Their horizontal design provides a perfec fit in Aquascape-style filters

Tsurumi PL Series Available:

  • Tsurumi 3PL - 29975
  • Tsurumi 5PL - 29976
  • Tsurumi 9PL - 29977

Tsurumi PN Series Pumps (Shown above, right)

  • The 8PN is engineered for higher head applications
  • The 12 PN is hydraulically engineered to provide high flow rate performance on lower head applications
  • The PN series provides a good match for filters that require a vertical style pump housing.

Tsurumi PN Series Available:

  • Tsurumi 8PN - 29495
  • Tsurumi 12PN - 30391

Tsurumi Series Pump Specs

Tsurumi Series Pump Flow Chart

Owner's Manual & Replacement Parts

Tsurumi PL Pump Series Owner's Manual 

Tsurumi PN Pump Series Owner's Manual 

Aquascape Tsurumi Replacement Impellers 


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