NaturalPond™ EcoSafe Water Clarifier and Flocculant

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Whether floating particles are organic or sediment, they cloud the water in ponds. Our environmentally safe EcoSafe Pond Water Clarifier and Flocculant will cause small particles to bond together and knock debris to the bottom of the pond.   

This double action has many benefits. It quickly helps clear cloudy water, it makes large enough particles to filter or vacuum out and it sinks debris to the bottom of the pond where natural bacteria can digest organics and where sediment is no longer causing water to be cloudy.

  • Cleans cloudy water, restoring natural beauty to the pond
  • Knocks floating matter to the bottom of the pond
  • Improves filtration activity and is safe for aquatic life
  • Works well with MuckStop all natural beneficial bacteria pellets
  • Manufactured right here in the USA!

Usage Instructions: Shake well before using. Apply 1oz for every 250 gallons or one gallon for every 32,000 gallons.   

Note: EcoSafe is safe for all aquatic life but is not intended for use in hydroponics or in farms where fish or vegetables are being raised for human consumption.   

1 Gallon Container

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