Aquascape's Best Pump Efficiency Point Information

From the smallest to the largest, the laws of hydraulics apply to all centrifugal pumps.  The lowest operating costs and the longest pump and motor life will be obtained if the pump is applied properly.  Just as you wouldn't buy an autombile according to the maximum speed listed on the speedometer, buying a pump according the maximum GPH should be avoided.  It is important to understand that all pumps have an operating point which the best energy efficiency and the best life expectancy will be achieved known as the BEP (Best Efficiency Point). 

BEP (Best Efficiency Point)- The point on a pump performance at which the flow is the smoothest (low vibration) and is the performance point the pump was designed to meet.

How to use the chart:

The following chart contains information in order to help you select the pump that best fits your water feature application.

  1. Determine the flow requirements you wish to achieve.  Aquascape typically recommends between 1,000-3,000 GPH per foot of spillway width for residential waterfalls.
  2. Determine the total head in feet for the project.  This is a combination of vertical lift from the surface of the pond plus friction losses in the pipe.
  3. Choose the pump from the chart below or the following pump pages that meets your flow requirements and falls as close as possible with the best operating range of the pump.

Aquascape's Best Efficiency Point for PUmps