Airmax® PondAir™ 4 - Ponds Up to 2,000 Gallons


SKU: 120915

Airmax® PondAir™ Aeration Kits deliver essential oxygen and circulation to ponds up to 2,000 gallons. Designed as a complete aeration solution, the PondAir™ contains everything you need to introduce aeration to small water gardens and features with a quick and simple installation.  Hide your aeration unit with Airmax's Boulder Rock with Vent Holes

PondAir4 Includes:

  • High efficiency dual output compressor
  • Flow control dial
  • Elevated rear air intake
  • 4 blue air stones
  • 4 rolls of 30' high grade, UV resistant, black silicone airline
  • 4 check valves
  • 1 Year Warranty
PondAir 2 and 4 Specs

Owner's Manual & Replacement Parts

Airmax PondAir Owner's Manual

AirMax PondAir Replacement Air Stones

Airmax PondAir Replacement Diaphragm Kits

Note from the Manufacturer:

Did You Know...

Did you know that the maximum depth the air stones for the PondAir™2 and PondAir™4 pond aeration systems should be set at, for optimum performance and durability, is 24"?  Adhering to these depth parameters will insure that you get the longest life out of your aerator's diaphragm.


If you have loss of airflow, check the following:

  • Has the air flow regulator been adjusted? Make sure that the air flow regulator hasn’t been turned down.
  • Is the air filter blocked? This can happen if the compressor is placed in a dusty area.
  • Are there leaks or blockages in the airline? Check the airline for any signs of leaks or clogging.
  • Is the airline kinked? Make sure there are no kinked restricting air flow.
  • Are the air stones clogged? Over time air stones can become clogged and may need to be cleaned or replaced. (Item #160161)
  • If all of the above has been checked and you still have reduced air flow, then more than likely the diaphragm will have to be replaced.