Airmax® Twilight Blue™ Pond Dye


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Neutral Blackish-Blue Tint
Enhance Your Pond's Aesthetic Appeal


Twilight Blue Pond Dye maintains a neutral blackish-blue tint that is ideal for shading and protecting your pond without making drastic changes to natural pond appearance. 1 gallon of regular strength pond dye treats up to 1 acre, 4-6 feet deep. Looking for more? Twilight Blue Pond Dye Plus combines our color enhancing pond dyes with water clarifying Liquid PondClear beneficial bacteria for the ultimate 1-2 punch. Beautify and protect your pond from troublesome UV sunlight with long-lasting natural shades of pond dye while eliminating suspended organic debris that contributes to cloudy water, muck accumulation and weed growth.




Fish, Plant & Wildlife Friendly
When used in accordance with label directions Pond Dye Plus is completely safe for your fish, plants, pets and pond wildlife.


This is a 1 gallon container

Pond Logic® Pond Dye Dosage Rates
Pond Size
(4-6 Foot Average Depth)
Pond Dye
¼ Acre ¼ – ½ Gallon
½ Acre ½ – 1 Gallon
¾ Acre ¾ – 1½ Gallon
1 Acre 1 – 2 Gallons
Treat every 4-8 weeks to maintain desired color