EasyPro™ Aged Copper Tipped Vase Fountain



Tranquil Décor fountains are made with Déco-Crete. This alternative concrete material is fiber reinforced for strength. It gives the appearance and durability of traditional concrete products without the cumbersome weight. Tranquil Décor fountains are packaged in foam lined boxes to prevent breakage in shipping. The Aged Copper Tipped Vase Fountain features an acid stain finish that permeates the surface to create a lasting bond for the most durable finish available!

The Déco-Crete acid stain finish gives this vase a vintage patina look. A true piece of garden art that is durable enough to be enjoyed for years to come.

Vase Details:

  • Deep center cavity and large inlet tubing allow for higher flow
  • Flow rate up to 1000 gph
  • Includes 3 feet of 3/4″ tubing
  • Use Redi-Basin for flows to 600 gph
  • Use FBL40 for flows between 600-1000 gph
  • 14″ W x 20″ L x 17″ Tall



  • Vase Only 
  • Complete Kit

Complete Includes:

  • Includes fountain
  • RBH29 Basin (Redi-Basin)
  • MP575 Pump
  • Plumbing Kit