Kasco® Macro-Zyme™ Muck Pucks Beneficial Bacteria

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Kasco’s Macro-Zyme Beneficial Bacteria is the perfect choice to control and eliminate sludge and foul odor in tanks, ponds, and lakes. Once in the water, Macro-Zyme quickly releases billions of beneficial bacteria & enzymes that work around the clock to reduce muck, neutralize odors and clean your water. Application is simple – just apply the product in water 55° or higher and let it go to work.

Macro-Zyme is available as quick dissolving powder, Muck Puck tablets, and time release Muck Blocks.

Product Features

  • Eliminates fish waste, digests organic compounds and removes dead grass leaves
  • Non-toxic to humans, fish, wildlife and livestock
  • No permit is required for use
  • Safe for irrigation ponds
  • Shelf life of at least 2 years
  • 7 lb pail with approximately 266 pucks
Part Number Description Treatment Area Reapplication Typical Use
MZMP7 Muck Pucks; 7 lb. pail with 266 pucks up to 10 ft.² per puck Every 3 weeks Spot treatment around docks and swimming

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