Mini 65 Magnetic-Drive Pump


SKU: 02510

Specifically designed for the demands of a pond, unlike most other pumps on the market.  Mag-drive pumps are made to run continuously, without seals to wear out.  Highly energy-efficient, using half the electricity of most other pumps, the savings are passed on to the customer.  Being filled with epoxy, not oil, means they cannot leak oil into the pond.

Mini 65 Pump is suitable for table top fountains

  • Built-in adjustable flow control
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • 65 GPH Maximum Flow
  • Maximum height 2'6"
  • 5 Watts, .1 Amps
  • 6' cord
  • Inlet- no thread, Outlet - 5/16" or 1/2" hose