Motion-Activated ScareCrow Sprinkler


SKU: SC10000

A Way to Keep Unwanted Animals Away From Your Pond and Garden

  • When it sees an intruder - it instantly releases a short, but startling burst of full garden hose water pressure at it!
  • High-quality motion sensor detects animals as small as cats and rabbits
  • Can be linked to other ScareCrows to form an effective water barrier
  • Only uses about 2 cups of water per deterrence
  • Operates up to 6 months on only one 9-volt battery
  • 24" tall overall
  • 1 ScareCrow covers approximately 1300 sq. ft.
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

An optional Mounting Bracket is available for attaching to fences or posts.

ScareCrow Mounting Bracket

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I adjust the sensitivity of the ScareCrow?

Yes, you can adjust the sensitivity with the simple twist of a knob.

Can I hook the ScareCrow up to my in-ground irrigation system?

No, the ScareCrow needs line pressure at all times. An irrigation system pipeline only pressurizes when the system is sprinkling your lawn. You can however, set up a separate in-ground irrigation feed system to your ScareCrow that is on all the time. As PVC pipe is not as flexible as a garden hose and therefore less able to absorb the pressure flux of a ScareCrow activation, Contech recommends installing a hammer arrester at the point where the ScareCrow is affixed to the in ground plumbing.

Can I return a ScareCrow if it doesn't meet my needs?

Yes. Contact the store or catalog where you purchased the device for specific instructions. If purchased from Contech, call 1-800-767-8658 (in Canada or USA) or 1-250-413-3250 (overseas) for more information.

Can I switch the ScareCrow off?

Yes. There are two ways to switch off the ScareCrow: either set the sensitivity knob to zero, or shut off the water supply. Please note that if you shut the water off, the unit will still sense and activate, but will not spray water. For a heavy traffic area, turning the sensitivity knob to zero is the best option.

Can the ScareCrow be used in the winter?

No. Bring it in when there is risk of freezing. Freezing water may damage the valve in the ScareCrow.

Does the ScareCrow work at night?

Yes. The ScareCrow works during the day and at night because it uses an infrared sensor.

How long will the ScareCrow operate before needing a new battery?

Results vary from a few weeks to a year depending upon how often people, pets or the wind trigger the unit. The average is between four and six months. The ScareCrow will typically fire approximately 3000 times from a single battery.

How much water pressure is needed?

30 to 80 P.S.I. If your water pressure is greater than 80 P.S.I., Contech recommends installing a pressure reducer (available at hardware and irrigation supply stores) at the hose bib.

I'm not sure I like the look of the ScareCrow. Can I get it in plain black?

Yes, the ScareCrow is delivered with the decals packaged separately – you may choose to apply the 'beak and eyes' design, or leave them off.

Which product works better for deterring cats: the ScareCrow or CatStop?

While both products effectively deter cats, the CatStop can be used places where the ScareCrow is unsuitable (anywhere that spraying water would be unacceptable, or where a water source is not easily available). For example, the CatStop is a perfect solution for keeping cats out of carports and garden beds near public walkways. The ScareCrow has a larger sensing range and is an excellent device for keeping cats off lawns, and away from ponds and gardens.