AquaSurge® PRO Adjustable Flow Pumps


The Aquascape AquaSurge® PRO asynchronous skimmer and waterfall pump accomplishes what most other pumps only aspire to achieve.  The combination of energy efficient performance, remote-controlled adjustability and ease of maintenance, makes this the pump of choice for discriminating professionals.   AquaSurge® PRO pumps are ideal for use in skimmer and falls filter systems, as well as Pondless® Waterfall Vaults.

  • Allows you to customize and fine-tune the flow of waterfalls and streams
  • Pump can be turned on or off with remote
  • Ideal for use in Pondless® Waterfall applications, allowing the falls to be adjusted or turned on and off when desired
  • Ability to adjust the flow makes it easy to select the right pump for any application
  • Each remote and receiver are paired together with a unique frequency


AquaSurge PRO Pump Remote and Receiver (G2)

 AquaSurge Applications

Aquasurge Pro Pump Specs

AquaSurge Pump and Adapters

AquaSurge Pro Adjustable Pump Flow Chart


Owner's Manual & Replacement Parts

AquaSurge Pro Adjustable Flow Pump Owner's Manual 

AquaSurge Replacement Impellers

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Pump Specs

Pump Type:
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