About Us


Hello!  My name is Carol Stacy, and I am the sole owner and operator of Best Planet, located in Carmel, Indiana.  

Best Planet, where my motto is "Thrive, Bloom, Repeat!", is an online store offering you a complete line of quality pond and water gardening products, as well as quality aquarium supplies, all to help your project thrive!

In addition to my store, I offer a Learning section, which hosts a wealth of informative articles to help your water garden and other outdoor projects thrive.  The Blog section is a fun area with some of my latest projects.  Feel free to share your comments!

My passion for the outdoor lifestyle began as a child and blossomed into a love for aquariums after I bought my first aquarium at the age of 20.  From there, that passion evolved into the water gardening and terrestrial gardening lifestyle too.  


May your gardens "Thrive, Bloom, and Repeat"!

Carol Stacy

Carmel, IN