Water Treatments

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Unsure what type of water treatments you might need?  Here are some descriptions:


Algae Control- Control algae.  Two common forms are liquid and granular.  Liquids are poured into your pond while typically the granular can be used for spot treatment and will eliminate algae on contact.


Beneficial Bacteria-  Help to detoxify and break down organic sludge.  There are even some beneficial bacteria marketed towards cold water.  The terms "sludge" and "muck" may be used in their titles and they offer beneficial bacteria that will work you removed sludge and muck from your pond bottom.


Water Clarifiers/Cleaners - Help to clear cloudy water and clarify the water.  There are some carbon-based products that remove odors, tannins from the water.    Some of these products also contain beneficial bacteria as well.


Ammonia/Chlorine Removal- Remove harmful ammonia, chlorine and other toxins from the water.  


pH Control-  Helps to control the pH of your water, which is vital for your fish.


Pond Salt - Helps to replace electrolytes lost in times of stress.  Helps eliminate the toxic effects of nitrite.  Always test your water before adding.

Barley - Is a natural clarifier that helps proactively to keep your pond water clear.    Add Barley BEFORE the algae problem begins.  




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