Selecting the Right Transformer for Your Lighting

1.        Calculate the power consumption by adding the wattage of all lights selected for the installation.

2.       Take the total wattage and add 10% to compensate for fluctuations in wattage, or just jump up to the next sized transformer.  Having a transformer with extra voltage will give you the power if additional lighting components are added in the future. 


Example:  You have 3 led lights that are each 6 watts.  Find an appropriate transformer.


1.  Add the wattage of all lights:  6 + 6 + 6 = 18 watts

2.  Take the total wattage and add 10%.  18 watts + 1.8 watts (18 * .10) = 19.8 watts  

So for this example, a 20 watt transformer would do the job or jump up to a 60 watt transformer to assure more lighting components can be added in the future. 



Feel free to use the calculator below.  Simply enter the "Wattage of Lights" , "Number of Lights" and the calculator will figure this for you.  Try is with the above example.