Assembling Your Aquascape® Medium Stacked Slate Urn

Carol Mund7/13/2013 comments

Unpack Your Urn Figure 1 Medium Stacked Slate Urn Includes: Urn (2 pieces) and Hose Assembly The Medium Stacked Slate Urn includes 2 separate pieces, as shown above. It also include the plumbing assembly with an optional clear plastic adapter for use with different pump outlet sizes. The other end...

Florida Weave Trellis

Carol Mund6/ 4/191 comment

After a last season’s mishap with my tomato cages, I decided to try a new technique for staking my tomatoes in my raised bed garden.  While on vacation last year, a wind storm blew over the cages, along with the tomato plants.  This, in turn, knocked over the netting structure...