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Deciding the Waterfall Flow Rate

The waterfall flow rate is how much water is flowing over a waterfall or sream to acheive the desired affect.  The more water that flows over the waterfall the louder the sound of running water will be.

  • Light Flow = 100 gallons per hour (gph) per inch of spillway
  • Medium Flow = 150 gph per inch of spillway
  • High Flow = 200 gph per inch of spillway

Width of Spillway x Desired Flow Rate = Total GPH

EXAMPLE: You want your waterfall to have a 24" spillway

  • Light Flow = 24" Spillway x 100 gph = 2,400 gph
  • Medium Flow = 24"Spillway x 150 gph = 3,600 gph
  • Heavy Flow = 24" Spillway x 200 gph = 4,800 gph

You will need a pump that will be able to pump this much water at the height of the waterfall after it overcomes the head pressure.