Savio Skimmerfilter®




Sturdy multifunctional filtration reduces maintenance, collects debris and hides unsightly pumps and plumbing.

  • Provides complete filtration for ponds under 1000 gallons
  • Traps large debris for easy removal & pump protection
  • Removes up to 85% of debris
  • Supports biological health, provides mechanical filtration and polishes water
  • Eliminates green water & improves water quality when operated with optional UVC

What makes the Savio Skimmer Better

  • Sturdy non-skid cover with security lock nuts
  • Built in UV ports for optional UV Clarifiers
  • Optional external pump connection
  • Integrated water-stop flange for concrete instllations
  • One-click locking weir allows complete isolation for cleaning & winterization
  • Comes with free design & construction guide
  • 5 Year Warranty



Savio Skimmerfilter


Shown below is the Savio UVinex® installed in the Savio Skimmerfilter®


UVinex shown in Skimmerfilter


Owner's Manual & Replacement Parts

Savio Skimmerfilter Owner's Manual

Savio Skimmerfilter Replacement filter mats

All other replacement accessories for the Savio Skimmerfilter can be ordered here.


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