Assembling Your Aquascape® Medium Stacked Slate Urn

Assembling Your Aquascape® Medium Stacked Slate Urn

Carol Mund

Unpack Your Urn

Figure 1 Medium Stacked Slate Urn Includes: Urn (2 pieces) and Hose Assembly

The Medium Stacked Slate Urn includes 2 separate pieces, as shown above. It also include the plumbing assembly with an optional clear plastic adapter for use with different pump outlet sizes. The other end includes the assembled black adapter, which fits down in the top of the fountain (see next 2 pictures).

Figure 2 - How the plumbing is installed
Figure 3

Aquascape® recommends their Ultra 1100 Pump for the Medium Stacked Slate Urn. In this case, you will not need that optional clear adapter.

Figure 4 This illustrates how plumbing is attached. You will have to wait to connect the pump to plumbing after adding the Urn to its final destination.
Aquascape Ultra 1100 Pump shown above

While the above instructions show you how to assemble your urn and plumbing, you also will need to consider your placement of the urn. When this urn is sold as a "Fountain Kit", it is paired with Aquascape®'s AquaBasin® 45, which holds 98 gallons. Since this Urn was being placed on a 100 gallon pond, the pond was used as the reservoir for the water.

The Urn was placed inside the pond on some bricks to elevate it off of the bottom of the pond. It was then leveled from side to side, as well as front to back - with a slight level towards the front so that any splash would be away from the house.

The top of the urn was assembled with the plumbing running from the top of the urn down through the center of the urn and attaching the pump down in your reservoir of water (as shown in Figures 2, 3 and 4).


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