Microbe-Lift® Barley Straw Pellets - Naturally Balance Pond Water & Improve Water Clarity

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100% Natural & Organic Ingredients Specially Formulated To Naturally Balance Pond Water & Improve Water Clarity

A Major Scientific Breakthrough

Enriched with peat and humic acid, this revolutionary formula works faster & better with Less Mess & Cost and is easier to apply than bales, pillows and pads!

  • Matures pond water chemistry
  • Not harmful to aquatic life, plants, humans or pets
  • Releases decomposition by-products within 6-8 days
  • Buffers pH
  • Works year round
  • Simply broadcast the pellets into the pond or pack into a porous fabric sock and suspend in the pond or in a chamber in a skimmer or filter
  • The pellets will sink to the bottom of your pond so if you have a bottom drain and are concerned with that aspect, you might consider Barley Straw Concentrated Extract

Microbe-Lift/Barley Straw Pellets+ works in much the same way as barley straw...only faster!  Whereas barley straw works by releasing certain natural chemicals as it biodegrades, so do the pellets in ML/Barley Straw Pellets+, only the breakdown compounds are released faster: dispersing equally throughout the water; reacting photochemically with sunlight; and activating humic acids to produce hydrogen peroxide-an oxidizing agent that also helps to keep the water clear-naturally and at a low level of release. The humic acid will also chelate metals such as copper or arsenic.  Microbe-Lift/Barley Straw Pellets+ are rich in organic peat which softens pond water-reducing nitrate and phosphate concentrations in the water column-and provides a buffering agent and ion attenuation in lined ponds that additionally gives them some beneficial properties of earthen ponds!

Also Note: Fish will not eat the barley pellets as they contain no food value.


  • 2.2 lbs.- treats 150 gals. for 19 months or 400 gals. for 8 months
  • 4.4 lbs.- treats 500 gals. for 12 months or 800 gals. for 8 months
  • 10.5 lbs. - treats 1,000 gals. for 14 months or 2,500 gals. for 6 months

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