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Protects, Restores and Heals Damaged Scales and Slime Coat

Use Armor Rx™ when you see any damage to the scales or slime coat of your koi or pond fish.

Note: The “slime coat” on your koi and pond fish is like a “Suit of Armor” it protects your fish from all the deadly bacteria in your pond water from entering your fish’s body. When the “slime coat” becomes damaged your fish are at risk for serious koi ulcers, body sores and other bacterial infections.

ARMOR Rx™ is an excellent product to use if the Slime Coat and/or scales of your koi fish has been damaged caused by abrasions from rocks, netting, injecting, parasites or breeding activity in your koi fish pond.

  • ARMOR Rx helps protect the “Slime Coat” by forming a synthetic slime coat until your koi fish is able to rebuild it’s own slime coat
  • ARMOR’S unique formula restores the damaged “Slime Coat” with a natural double “Slime Coat” protection
  • ARMOR’S fast acting protective coating with vitamin E promotes the healing of damaged scales, skin, fins and reduces stress
  • ARMOR Rx does not hinder your fish’s gills or breathing
  • ARMOR Rx should be used anytime your koi fish are being handled
  • ARMOR Rx will remove chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals



Add two tablespoonfuls (1 oz)-(30ml) for every 60 U.S. gallons (227 L) of pond water.

  • 8 oz treats up to 480 gallons
  • 16 oz treats up to 960 gallons
  • 32 oz treats up to 1,920 gallons
  • 1 gallon treats up to 7,680 gallons

NOTE: Aqua Meds Armor Rx does not hinder your fish’s gills or breathing.

Armor Rx will also remove chlorine and heavy metals from your pond water.

Q: My pond fish has torn fins will Armor help heal them?

A: Yes, Armor is an excellent treatment for torn fins, damaged scales and slime coat on your pond fish.

Q: Can I use Armor Rx as a water conditioner?

A: Yes, Armor will remove chlorine and heavy metals.


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