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Developed to provide the hobbyist with a dependable water conditioner to remove chlorine while providing a number of other benefits to reduce fish stress caused by water quality issues.

A Tried & True Formulation

  • Breaks the chloramine bond and removes chlorine and free ammonia
  • Detoxifies nitrite and heavy metals (including copper)
  • Boosts alkalinity
  • Replaces only lost or damaged skin-slime with a component that is 98% of the composition of a fish's natural slime coat
  • Adds essential electrolytes
  • Will not inhibit any bodily function when used regularly


    To condition water* for aquarium or pond use add 1 teaspoonful (~5 mL) per 10 gallons (~38 L) of water. Should be added to water before adding new fishes, invertebrates, amphibians or plants. May be used daily, if needed. Excellent for use when shipping fish in bags.
    *Will not remove or detoxify ammonia or chloramines
    Use Stress-X any time you notice damaged skin-slime coat or increased stress levels brought about by damage to your fish's protective slime coat.

    Compatibilities: Compatible with all liquid and powder tests kits. Incompatible with permanganate-based aquarium and pond treatments. Will not remove essential iodine (iodide and/or iodate ions) from saltwater. Compatible with chelated copper treatment. Does not interfere with fish or invertebrate respiration; does not contain plant extracts.

    Because we care: Stress-X has been developed to offer assistance to aquarium or pond fish who have lost their skin-slime coat or who are suffering from poor water conditions or heightened stress related to the water quality.

    16 oz. (473mL) - #72216 (Treats 960 gal ~ 3,633L)
    1 Gal (3.78L) - #72218 (Treats 7,680 gal 29,071L)



    A proprietary blend of Water, Sodium Thiosulfate, Buffers, Electrolytes, Proprietary Synthetic Polymer Formulation & Preservatives.

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