NaturalPond™ Oxygen-Powered Rock & Waterfall Scrubber

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NaturalPond™ Rock & Waterfall Scrubber is your strongest line of defense to quickly and safely remove debris and discoloration from rocks, waterfalls, streams, and anywhere else that the product can be applied directly to the undesirable buildup. These fish-safe granules bring the cleaning power of oxygen to your pond, restoring a natural electrolyte balance to the pond with a slight buffering effect to help prevent dangerous pH swings.

  • Contains no harmful detergents or other chemicals
  • Great for problem ponds and pondless waterfalls
  • Safe for fish
  • Made in the USA

For optimal results: Always use with circulation and a filter or skimmer in order to remove excess debris after treatment.

Application instructions: Whenever possible, expose the area to be treated by shutting off the waterfall or stream. Sprinkle a thin layer of product directly onto the problem areas in ponds, streams, and waterfalls. This product may be effectively dropped into shallow and still water, but for the best results apply directly to exposed surfaces. Wait 20 minutes before rinsing the area, scrubbing the area, or turning the waterfall or stream back on. This product is very effective for intensive cleaning of an emptied pond. If applied directly into the pond, do not exceed 6 teaspoons for every 10 square feet of pond surface.

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