Anjon™ BioPro™ Pressure Filtration



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  • 2-stage mechanical filtration removes coarse and fine floating particulates
  • Biological filtration promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria which converts ammonia and harmful waste into healthy nitrates that promote a healthy pond environment 
  • Built-in UV clarifier with 18 or 24 watt bulb & quartz sleeve kills free floating algae • Glowing monitor indicates UV light is functioning properly 
  • Heavy-duty, water-tight housing is easily accessible for routine filter maintenance
  • Can be partially buried to conceal filter
  • 1.5” Male NPT
  • Inlet/outlet barb accepts multiple hose diameters — ¾”, 1”, 1¼”, 1½” • 23’ power cord

Mechanical Filtration: Water is pumped through coarse and fine layers of filters to effectively remove any unwanted suspended debris.

Biological Filtration: The prefiltered water passes through the Bio Balls. This is where biological filtration takes place.

UV Filtration: Ultraviolet light kills any remaining free-floating algae as the water passes through the filter.

Back Washing: To flush the filter: You must shut down the pump, rotate the valve from the filter to flush, and turn the pump back on for as long as it takes for the water to run clear. When the water runs clear, you can stop back flushing and turn to normal operation.



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